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-The package allows 4 canes to the touchdown and a cane "au coup" with
   or without reel by fishing station, (not  by person present on the fishing station)
- NO KILL fishing only
-The CARP package does not give right to fish carnivorous species
-Fishing must be practiced at defined positions
- Any post with rod in fishing action must be continuously monitored
- Hairfishing mandatory
-The braid main line is prohibited
-Hooksmust be single, not rusted, no pins or overwritten pins
-All techniques must allow fish to get free at any time

- Carp nets and wetted reception caret are required
-Application of an antiseptic, eg. Bétadine, is mandatory on any injury to fish (hook and others)
- Conservation bags are banned day and night
-Boilies 'guns are prohibited
- At night, keystroke detectors are mandatory
-Use of amorceur boats is only tolerated on the post fishing zone
-The use of an English type keepnet is tolerated for fishing at the time
-The keepnet should be emptied regularly to avoid the stress of fish
-Fish of 500 g and more should not be stored there. They must be released immediately after their capture
-Each fishing game shall be recorded, along with the results on a form provided by the Manager
-Any derogation from the regulation will be made with the agreement of the Manager

Any person on site accepts this regulation
We wish you an excellent stay
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