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CARP package

- 30€ x 24 hours, half price for under 15 yo
- Reminder: 4canes to the touchdown and any time with or without reel seat per seat and per package

Tariff: Carnivorous Fish package

-15€ for 1/2day for adults; half price for under 15yo
- Reminder : 1 spinning rodrun with flexible lure, spinner, rapala, and dead bait or swimming fish etc...

Tariff: Package for fishing "au coup"

-20€/day   half price for under 15 yo
- 1 cane per fisherman, with or without a reel

Tariff: Summary

-CARP : 30€ per 24 hours + 1€/day/boat
-Carnivorous fish : 15€ for 1/2day + boat rental at 5€/session (optional)
-Fishing "au coup" : 20€/day

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