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-Pikes and other carnivorous fish will only be fished with NO KILL rules
-A package by fisherman
-Night fishing is prohibited
-One single rod shall be used at a time when the fishermen is in action
-One rod with flexible lure, spoon, rapala, and dead fish or swimming fish, etc...
-Lures used should be of minimum 10 cm, spoons of n ° 3 minimum
-Rod fishing with alive or dead fish or other natural bait is prohibited, as well as the use of gaffe tape
-Fish are released immediately after taking the photo
- The fish that has been caught must be released with care and respect
- You must use a protected type gag (ends fitted with balls, plastic or cellortaped tips), limited opening

-If a lure or mounting is swallowed too deeply by fish, you should cut down the line at the shortest point
- You are only allowed to use hooks with pins crushed with a clamp or if possible without pins. Exception made for hooks where the pin is stung into a dead fish when fishing  mort manié
-Use of a large net with fine mesh is recommended
-It is strictly prohibited to catch the pike by the eye
-Long nose pliers will be used to remove the hooks
-Each fishing game shall be recorded, along with the results, on a form provided by the Manager
- A bark can be used from 01 November to end of March

     Any person on site accepts this regulation

We wish you an excellent stay

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