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Internal rules




-Any fisherman must first reserve its day or his stay by phone
-Access to the site is prohibited if not in possession of a fishing package
-No installation on a post is possible without authorization
-Any person entering the site shall hold updated civil liability insurance
-Only fishermen (children or accompanying persons reported at registration) are allowed on the site
-Any fisherman is responsible for its material on the site. Grazing animals will not be held responsible for material damage or other)
- Security of under 18 yo and their acts are the responsibility of their (s) accompanying (s) that will have the properly civil liability insurance
-Silence and respect for others are placed above all night
-Vehicles use is strictly prohibited on the site (except for the loading and unloading of fishing equipment)
- The Manager reserves the right to grant access to the site
- The Manager disclaims any responsibility in case of theft, loss or injury on the site
-Bathing is strictly prohibited.


-The NO KILL fishing is mandatory for all species, except for catfish, poles sunlight fish and silures which shall not be thrown back into water
-Fishing can only be practiced at identified positions
-Change of fishing position can take place only with the agreement of the Manager
-The fish must be handled with care
-The wetted receipt carpet is mandatory
-Conservation bags are banned day and night
-Application of an antiseptic, eg. Bétadine, is mandatory on any injury to fish (hook and others)
-Any post with rods in fishing action must be continuously monitored
- The fishing team reserves the right to address lines at any time of day or night to ensure compliance with timelines


- Dogs are tolerated, except classified dangerous dogs that are banned
They should create no inconvenience to other fishermen and to farm animals that are grazing around the ponds. They must be silent and remain close to their supervisor or be attached. Their excrement must be collected. (excrement of grazing animals are considered as natural fertilizer)
-Animals must be tatooed, vaccinated and insured with civil liability. The book of vaccination may be requested

-All litter should be collected in garbage bags (glass separate)
-Stations must remain clean at the end of fishing game
- It is prohibited to set a fire on the ground, above-ground barbecues are allowed
-The fishermen and their accompanying persons undertake to respect the cleaningness, the vegetation and wildlife on the site

- Large fine-meshed net
- Reception carpet
-Bétadine (antiseptic)

- Clamps slats.
- Garbage bags
-Cigarette butts box.

-Any infringement will result in cashing the deposit as well as immediate exclusion of the fishermen in cause.
-The theft, destruction, mutilation of fish will cause criminal lawsuits.
-All derogations from the regulation may take place only with the agreement of the Manager.

-The owners and rights holders are not subject to the rules of procedure, except for the NO KILL rule for the carpe and Pike > 80 cm

Any person on site accepts this regulation
We wish you an excellent stay

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